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The Pith Report: Over-Actor Wins Affection of Community

In a bid to get hired by The Onion, I once launched and maintained a satirical news blogThe plan was unsuccessful but the blog was, oddly, instrumental in landing my first job in advertising. A mix of new and recycled entries, this is The Pith Report.

Over-Actor Wins Affection of Community

HOBBS, NM – Starring in a community production of The Fantasticks, local actor Raymond Beadle sang, danced, and overacted his way into the hearts of this small New Mexico township. The 32-year-old bank teller turned part-time actor gave a performance to last the ages, according to the estimated 300 persons who attended the play. “That Beadle boy, Margaret and Donald’s oldest son,” said Ethel McLure “or, I guess, I think David is actually the older one. I can’t remember because they looked so alike. Anyway, he was just a delight. He had such good diction and you could really understand everything he was saying.” The show, which featured Beadle in the role of “Matt”, ran for two weeks in front of a relatively packed audience at the Marilyn Roth Community Center. “He had so much energy, that one. Just wild. And I don’t normally go for the musicals,” confessed Ford Anderton. “The last time I saw a musical was a production of Oklahoma in Branson in…1985. Or Carousel, it might have been Carousel. No, it was Oklahoma, because I remember we thought it was funny to see Oklahoma while we were visiting Missouri.” Locals eager to see Beadle overact again can catch him in the upcoming production of The Rainmaker, which debuts in September.