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Joel Wayne is a writer from Boise, Idaho. Below you'll find some of his featured work and unfinished business.


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- 2018 Rockies Award Submission -

A year-and-a-half ago, I was semi-contentedly toiling away in the marketing corner of a local software company, as their content and editorial director.

Then I got laid off (alongside 30 others).

I did the things you’re supposed to do after you’re handed a cardboard box - I punched up my resume and LinkedIn, sent out feelers, made coffee dates and bought the next round.

But my status, for six months, remained quo.

So I came up with a plan: a one-man campaign that would stand a little taller than those “well, if you hear of anything” conversations and, hopefully, find Joel a job.

Check out the details below.


1. Instagram

Listed alongside the hashtag #findjoelajob, I created an awareness campaign in the form of a series of stock-photo-aided inspirational posts, designed to harness my (relatively meager) Instagram following.


2. Website

After purchasing, I set up a redirect of the domain to a subpage on my own site ( The goal was to collect job leads and tips. And it worked. I got a job.


3. LinkedIn

For the business set, I reposted all my Instagram content to LinkedIn. Then, after I got my job offer, I redirected the URL so it went to a “thank you” page, with a long list acknowledging the people who helped me along the way.