Joel Wayne

Joel Wayne is a writer from Boise, Idaho. Below you'll find some of his featured work and unfinished business.


Hearty Content + Creative Direction

Content is the way your brand communicates while you're out of the room. 

Content is the way your brand communicates while you're out of the room. 

Why all the hullabaloo over content?

Quality content feels like a glass of cold water after a long run: easy to digest and hard to describe. It’s also something we take for granted. We turn on the tap and there it is. But the very best content probably didn’t spring from an account guy in your office who did a little scribbling back in high school. It wasn’t a side project or an afterthought. An intern was not responsible. It’s the ink-spilling, lumbar-killing, coffee-fueled product of people who’ve spent years mastering their trade and enjoying what they do. We aren't lacking for content in the world, but we often lack good content.

How do you bill your time?

Because no two assignments are identical, I prefer project-based billing over hourly billing. It’s more upfront and leaves less room for surprises during the second (third or fourth) round of edits.

But, seriously, what can I expect you to charge me?

It really does depend on a variety of factors. For a client I’ve worked with extensively, I’ve charged $450 for a handful of radio scripts. For a client I’d never worked with, I’ve charged around $1,200 for concepts, copy, and headlines relating to a multi-faceted recruitment campaign. And for clients on a shoestring budget, I’ve worked in trade.

You write within a wide range, but what's your specialty?

I'm attracted to narrative - finding it, creating it, and shaping it. The sector and the medium don’t matter nearly as much as the brand and the message. Beyond that, I’d say I’m attracted to content that’s less buttoned-up and more personal, accessible, and entertaining.

So what's your weakness?

I’m not an over-the-shoulder or on-the-spot writer. I sit at my desk, alone, jot down ideas, get up, stretch, make a second cup of tea, sit back down, re-review the objectives, set aside what I’ve already written, write down new ideas, etc. I’m also, honestly, not your go-to proofreader. I spot mistakes, sure, but it’s not a great use of my time.

Is there anything else I should know?

The projects I have a hand in are better because of it. I truly believe that. I’m also personable, patient, and open to others’ feedback and ideas. However, if you’re the type of person who gets frustrated when someone asks a lot of questions, good luck with your project, but we’re just not cut out for each other.

Mantel and motto at The Fairfield: "Keep Clam & Chowder On."

Mantel and motto at The Fairfield: "Keep Clam & Chowder On."